Idiomatic Integration Toolkit
  • 29 Mar 2022
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Idiomatic Integration Toolkit

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Learn the basics of how the Idiomatic integration works.

Who maintains the integration

The Idiomatic integration is built and maintained by Idiomatic.

Basic Scope

This integration connects Gladly with an Idiomatic webhook that listens for Conversation updates. Idiomatic then apply Natural Language Processing to classify the topic and sentiment of these Conversations and makes that available in the Idiomatic dashboard. Idiomatic also uses Gladly API endpoints to retrieve conversation topic, Agent, and Customer metadata that can be used to view Customer feedback by segment.

How the integration works

Idiomatic analyzes Customer Conversations occurring in Gladly seamlessly and in real-time by retrieving data from Gladly through the Gladly APIs. Idiomatic's Gladly integration uses basic authentication with email and an API Token.

Idiomatic integration is one way, meaning Idiomatic receives and retrieves data from Gladly but does not send or post data to Gladly.

This integration is recommended for those companies that want to grant access to the Gladly platform to analyze Customer Conversations in Idiomatic.

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