HiOperator Integration Toolkit
  • 17 Jun 2022
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HiOperator Integration Toolkit

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Learn the basics of how the HiOperator integration works.

Who maintains the Integration

The HiOperator integration is built and maintained by HiOperator.

HiOperator onboarding process

HiOperator is onboarded as if you're onboarding en experience CSA in your team. It would look like the milestones below.

  • Week 0 – Give HiOperator access to Gladly. 
  • Week 1 – Plan for a couple of hours of active time with HiOperator, and you must be available via Slack for questions and clarifications. 
  • Week 2-3 – Scale!

Basic Scope

HiOperator replicates each Gladly Conversation within the HiOperator application. HiOperator will work with you to set up the appropriate Gladly webhook(s) to pass relevant information to HiOperator. HiOperator compiles and displays this information to HiOperator Agents.  

Actions that HiOperator Agents take on the Gladly Conversation within the HiOperator application will be pushed into Gladly via Gladly’s public APIs.

How the integration works

The integration is done through HiOperator’s custom-built workflows.

During implementation, your HiOperator Client Success team will work with you to analyze Conversations to determine what HiOperator can perform on your behalf.

The integration requires a dedicated HiOperator user, email address, and API token.

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