Edit Email Sender Name
  • 21 Jul 2022
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Edit Email Sender Name

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Also known as a "friendly name," it's the name your email recipients see when receiving emails from your company. For example, recipients can see an email coming from "Retale Support" instead of "support@retale.com."

  1. From the Emails settings page, click Email Addresses tab and find the email you'd like to update the sender name for. Click the kebab menu icon (three dots) to the right of the email address, then click Edit configuration.
  2. Update the name under the Email Sender Name section and click Save.

Use Agent external name for outbound emails

Agents can use an External Name to give them a level of anonymity when communicating with Customers. So, if an Agent has an external name and the use of an external name is allowed on the Users page, the following then happens for outbound emails:

  • No "friendly name" for email – If an Agent has an external name, the Agent's External Name is used in addition to the email address (e.g., help@retale.com) for outbound emails. Agents with no External Name configured in their Gladly profile default to using the Agent's name with the email address for outbound emails.
  • With "friendly name" for email – If a" friendly name" is configured for an email, an Agent's profile name and external name are disregarded. Outbound emails continue to show the email address's friendly name.

Although the outbound email address is displayed regardless of whether the Agent is using an external name or not, we recommend having friendly names for email addresses to ensure your Customers can easily recognize emails coming from your company, especially if you prefer not to use Agents' external name or Agent names.

You must activate the use of Agent External Names to apply the behavior described above. 

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