Chat Display % Changes
  • 17 Nov 2022
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Chat Display % Changes

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The Chat Display % Changes report can help you understand how controlling the incoming chat volume is impacting the overall volume of incoming chat requests.

Key Concepts and Definitions

These are concepts and definitions you should be aware of to understand this report:

  • Contact is a phone call, a chat session, a messaging session, an email, or a voicemail. Contact can be defined as an Inbound (started by the customer) or Outbound (started by agents) activity. Contact can contain one call or multiple messages (individual chat messages, SMSs, etc.).
  • Chat Display % is the amount of time chat is shown and available for your Customers to use.

Understand the Basics

When to use the Chat Display % Changes report

Use the Chat Display % Changes report if you have questions around:

  • How often are we displaying our chat option to our Customers?
  • Who is changing the Chat Display %?

How often to view the report

Review this report monthly to gain valuable and actionable insights.

Take Action

Once you understand the report, you can take action and make improvements.

High Chat Display %

If you are throttling a high % of incoming chats, take note of the following points:

  • How is your Customer experience affected if you are throttling a high number of incoming chats?
  • Look at your other communication Channels and review the volume. Are you only struggling to keep up with chat, or is it also across other Channels?
  • Look at your CSAT and FCR. See how those are affected by throttling chat.
  • Think about how often you have to throttle chat. Consider adjusting your staffing model if there is a steady increase in incoming volume.

Low Chat Display %

Whether you are sparingly throttling chat or not, that is great news! It means that your Customers can contact you easily.

  • Make sure you meet your CSAT, SLA, and FCR goals as they contribute to the Customer Experience.
  • Look at your other Channels to see if one of them needs improvement. You may be able to adjust your staffing by assigning Agents to underperforming Channels.

No Chat Display %

The report UI and CSV download will not show results if there aren't chat throttling activities based on the date filters used.

Good to Know

  • This report can also be generated via API. See our Developer Docs for more details.
  • CSV download of this report is limited to 1 million rows.
  • Listed below are related reports we recommend you use alongside this report:
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    • Customer Wait Time by Channel
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