Change 'Hold' or 'Queue' Music
  • 28 Feb 2023
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Change 'Hold' or 'Queue' Music

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Hold music is what Customers hear when placed on hold by Agents during a phone call. Hold music is configured through the phone number assigned to an IVR.

Queue music is what's played while Customers wait to be connected to the next available Agent.

  1. Click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Channels category, click Voice. The Phone Numbers page will show you a list of numbers used in Gladly.
  4. Hover over the phone number you want to update the hold music in. Click the pencil icon on the right side to enter the configuration page.
  5. Scroll down to either the Hold Music or Queue Music section and click Update Recording. 
  6. From the Recording Library page, click Upload New Recordingto upload a new file or select an existing audio file.
    • Click the play icon to see the audio length
  7. Check the box next to Loop the queue and hold music to loop music automatically. If looping is activated, keep the music around five minutes long.
    • Note about music length – While not recommended, if Loop the queue and hold music setting is not activated, make sure the music is long enough (~15 minutes) as the recording will not loop, or your Customers will hear silence once the music stops and they are still on hold or in the queue waiting for an Agent.
    • It's best practice not to put Customers on hold longer than the length of your hold music. Hold music restarts every time the Customer is placed on hold.
    • Keep audio files under 10 MB. Large files may take longer to load, and there's silence while the audio loads.
    • Click here for a list of acceptable audio formats.
  8. Click Save.

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