Ada Overview
  • 14 Jan 2022
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Ada Overview

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Ada is an AI chatbot platform powered by the industry-leading NLP technology to enable the world's fastest-growing brands to create best-in-class automated Customer experiences. While other businesses are trying to talk to Customers less, Ada helps your brand speak to Customers more at any scale.



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Ada acts as the brand interaction layer to help businesses automate 80%+ of simple, day-to-day inquiries and complex and personalized conversations. Ada seamlessly transitions to an Agent on Gladly when access to a human Agent is needed, arming them with data-rich context and Customer visibility to deliver fast, efficient, effortlessly, and personalized support.

Increase Revenue

With Ada handling and resolving simple requests, your Agents are reserved for revenue-generating opportunities and for those more complex inquiries that empower your Agents to build valuable Customer relationships with high efficiency.

Unified View

Ada helps your Agents build Customer empathy and speed up time to resolution by sending full Conversation transcripts and Customer information into their singular timeline view in Gladly.

Smart Self-Service

Ada can not only serve answers to your most frequently asked questions, but it can also utilize Gladly's Answers content to give more information without requiring Agent intervention.

See it All

Agents know precisely the options a Customer picks before reaching them, including what information a Customers read so they will never have to repeat themselves.

Supported Features

Ada supports the following features with Gladly:

  • Channels – chat and voice

Works with Gladly:

  • Sidekick
  • Answers
  • Customer Profile

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