Q. Why do I keep getting errors when sending an email?
  • 07 Oct 2022
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Q. Why do I keep getting errors when sending an email?

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There are quite a few reasons why an email fails to send. Emails sometimes fail to deliver due to external reasons outside Gladly's control. Generally speaking, Gladly tries to resend emails that failed to be delivered every ten minutes for four hours until a final Unknown error appears in the Conversation Timeline, which stops any resend attempt. 

The Conversation Timeline may show a failure message that looks like this:

The most common reasons you may see for the email delivery failures are:

  • Non-deliverable email address. Email not delivered <email address> – This usually means the email address does not exist or may have been entered incorrectly. Makes sure the email address is correct (e.g., gmail.com instead of gmail.con). You also you can check if an email address is valid using a tool like an email checker. If possible, you can call the Customer or send them an SMS instead.
  • Mailbox does not exist. Email not delivered – Occurs if the email address is incorrect or could not be found. A poor internet connection could also cause this error. While Gladly will try to resend the email, if the error continues to fail, an Unknown Error message may appear on the Conversation Timeline.
  • Temporary delay due to high volume – The recipient's ISP (Internet Service Provider) is delaying or stopping email delivery due to a high volume of email traffic. Your email should eventually be allowed to pass and be delivered to your recipient.
  • Mailbox full – The recipient's email inbox is full and can't accept any new messages. If possible, try to contact the Customer through another Channel or try sending the email at a later time.
  • Not delivering to a user who marked your messages as spam – This usually means a Gladly email at one point was marked as spam by the Customer which caused other Gladly emails to be blocked. The Customer must unspam Gladly emails as not spam or junk. Here's information on how to unspam an email in Gmail.
  • Unknown error. Email not delivered – This error message may pop up in certain scenarios, typically when an email server rejects your email because it looks suspicious. Generally speaking, this could be caused by unknown links in your email, unverifiable links, or untrusted links. Have your IT team check your email configuration if this occurs often.

Work with your Team Manager to contact Gladly Support to troubleshoot continuing or constant email deliverability issues.

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