What is Proactive Chat?
  • 13 Sep 2021
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What is Proactive Chat?

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Proactive Chat is a feature that uses Sidekick to deliberately invite visitors on your website to engage in a chat or to communicate a message.

Here are some reasons why Proactive Chat is a perfect tool to engage with your website visitors:

  • Offer to answer questions about a product, service, or feature and quickly route those questions to your subject matter expert.
  • Alert site visitors of existing promotions or upcoming sales.
  • The ability to engage with visitors if they need help while browsing a particular page about services you offer.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by offering help (or provide a handy discount) to encourage visitors lingering on a checkout page to complete their purchase.
  • + more!

And when you are ready to use Proactive Chat, you'll create a Proactive Chat Campaign, which includes a set of Triggers and a customizable greeting to strategically target certain visitors that invites them to engage with you. Proactive Chat, using Sidekick, can open with a message that says something like "Hello! How can we help you?", "Do you have a question we can help answer?" or "Here's a discount as a thank you for visiting our website."

Benefits of Using Proactive Chat

  • Increase your chances of closing a sale by triggering personalized messages based on where your visitor is on your website or what they are looking at.
  • Route chat visitors to the team best suited to support a Campaign, including your subject matter experts who answer questions or your Sales team to help complete a purchase.
  • Track how well your Proactive Chat campaigns are performing so you can make well-informed strategic decisions on how to manage your Campaigns best.
  • Customize the priority of site visitors you want to engage with based on cart value or how long they have been on a page.

How it works

Through Sidekick and a Proactive Chat Campaign configured with Trigger(s), you can leverage Proactive Chat to invite your visitors to engage in a chat, show promotions or discounts, and more.

So what does a Campaign look like? A Campaign's settings look like this:

To your visitor, the Campaign could look like this:

Each Campaign will have its own purpose — whether it's to help answer questions about a product your visitor is looking at, or drive sales by way of promotional discounts, or help visitors make a decision.

When a visitor meets the Trigger(s) you set for a Campaign, the Proactive Chat greeting will be shown to them. All they have to do is click on the greeting to start a live chat with an Agent.


The Sidekick code must be present and embedded on your website for Proactive Chat to work. Once embedded, you can configure how and where (using Triggers) Proactive Chat Campaigns appear in tandem with Sidekick Display Rules.

See Proactive Chat 'Order' and 'Triggers' Overview to learn more about Campaign Triggers.

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