Respond to Voicemails
  • 17 Jul 2020
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Respond to Voicemails

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When a Customer decides to leave a voicemail instead of waiting to reach an Agent, the voicemail is handled like any other requests from a Customer where you’ll be taken straight to their Customer Profile. A recording of the voicemail will be available in the Customer Timeline.

Respond to a voicemail

  1. Gladly automatically defaults to the last Channel a Customer reached out to you on. In this case, since they last reached out by phone, you’ll notice the reply bar default to Reply with a call.
  2. To call the Customer back, click anywhere along the reply bar and you’ll see the Call window pop up ready for you to make your call.

You can also click on the Gladly + icon then select Call to call the Customer back.

Tip - Contact the Customer through another Channel
Just because the Customer reached out by phone doesn't mean you have to contact them through the same Channel. For example. if they have a phone number tagged for SMS or Facebook Messenger enabled, you have the option to send them a message/text as well.

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