Quick Actions (FAQs)
  • 03 Feb 2023
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Quick Actions (FAQs)

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Quick Actions is a Sidekick feature that exposes four topics (a Public Answer or a link to a different web page) on the Sidekick landing page if Enable Search and Quick Actions is activated on the Sidekick configuration page. 

For example, the Quick Actions configured for the Sidekick image below are Order Status, Store Locator, Returns and Exchanges, and Repairs.

  • Order Status and Store Locations are linked to the relevant web page (notice the redirect icon).
  • Returns and Exchanges, as well as Repairs, are set up as Public Answers (notice right caret icon).

Clicking on a Quick Action takes you to either the Public Answer or open a new browser tab to view a web page.

Site visitors can use the search bar to find other FAQs created as a Public Answer. A search term must contain at least three characters to start a search.

You can customize your Quick Actions on the Sidekick configuration page.

Note - Quick Actions availability
Quick Actions is only configurable if Enable Search and Quick Actions is activated on Sidekick. Click here for more information.

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