Get to Know Your Communication Channels
  • 08 Dec 2022
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Get to Know Your Communication Channels

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With Gladly, you can use different Channels while working with a Customer. For example, you can be on the phone with a Customer and send them a confirmation number via SMS at the same time. You can even reply to a Customer's email while on the phone with another Customer. When working in Gladly, you are not restricted to using a single Channel to communicate with Customers.

Remember, you must manage your availability using the availability controls to receive work from Customers from the Inboxes you (as an Agent) are assigned to.

View your Channel list

The type of Communication Channels available for you to use to help Customers depends on the Channels your company has implemented to use in Gladly.  

Conversation Channel List

  1. Click the Gladly + icon to see a list of Channels available.
  2. Select the Channel (if available) to communicate with the Customer.

Channel option availability

You must have the correct Customer Contact information to communicate with the Customer on a certain Channel. For example, you can only send an SMS if there is a phone number marked as SMS in the Customer's contact detail. Likewise, you'll need their Twitter username to be able to communicate with a Customer through Twitter.

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