Assign Conversation to a Different Inbox or Agent
  • 13 Jan 2022
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Assign Conversation to a Different Inbox or Agent

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There are situations where you may need to re-assign a Conversation to a different Inbox or Agent if a different skill/specialization is required to help the Customer. For example, you can reassign a Conversation to an Inbox specializing in billing questions. You can also reassign a Conversation to a particular Agent with a specialized skill like one who speaks Spanish.

Reassign a Conversation

  1. In the Profile of the Customer you want to reassign, click on the name of the Agent/Inbox under the words Assigned To. (If the Customer was assigned to you, that would be your name.)
  2. The Conversation Assignment menu will pop up. Type the name of the Agent or Inbox you want to assign the Customer to.
    • The top of the list shows the Inbox the Conversation is currently assigned to. It says "(Current)" next to the Inbox name.
  3. Click on the Agent or Inbox name from the drop-down list to assign the Customer to the Agent or Inbox. Select Assign.
  4. Once you’ve selected the Agent or Inbox to assign the Conversation to, the previous Agent / Inbox will be replaced with the newly assigned Agent or Inbox. You’ll also see the reassignment reflected in the Conversation Timeline.

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