Benefits of Using an IVR
  • 04 Mar 2021
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Benefits of Using an IVR

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Imagine being able to support your Customers 24/7, 365 days a year without needing to have Agents work around the clock. You know what? That's not only possible but it is also becoming more common.

There are many ways to attain this type of service model. Some companies implement a knowledge base to answer FAQs. Some create features that allow Customers to take care of their own requests, like being able to process an exchange in an automated way without ever talking to an Agent. You can now add IVR to that list.

Better call routing

Route calls to the right group of support Agents that can help the Customer. An IVR can make sure your Customer is directed to the right person that can help them and avoid unnecessary transfers. If you're able to solve your Customer's issues through one call, your First Contact Resolution metrics can see a positive impact.

Another great example if is you experience high call volumes. An IVR can be configured to provide your Customers waiting in queue additional help resources, or to simply choose to leave a voicemail or ask for a call back when it's their turn in line.

Personalized IVR

IVRs can be configured to add a layer of personalization. You might configure an IVR so your Customers are greeted by their first name every time they call. Or you can say "thank you" for Customers who are part of your rewards program.  You can even have VIP Customer to completely skip an IVR when they call so they are directly connected to an Agent. The possibilities are endless.


IVRs can be configured to include a multitude of automated services that your Customers may never need to speak to an Agent. Customers can look up an order, request a shipment status, process a refund, and more!

Boost Productivity

Have you ever called a company but ended up with a person that is not best suited to help you? Not only is it annoying for the Customer to get transferred, but Agent efficiency is also affected by spending time on a call that should never have been routed to them. An IVR can help make sure your Customers are routed to the proper Agent that can help them.

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