Value Added Services
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Value Added Services

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Gladly provides several resources to support your success in using Gladly. Our Services team works closely with our clients to ensure we meet your implementation requirements to help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

We offer additional levels of value-added benefits you can take advantage of if you need further support or services beyond the scope of your implementation, including post-implementation and Glady settings audit support.

Below are some of the Value-Added Benefits we offer:

Technical Consulting

Get help utilizing the Gladly APIs or creating a custom Lookup Adaptor to customize your Gladly experience further. Our Services team can help and support you with your technical and development questions.

Growth and Expansion

Are you planning on adding a new brand to Gladly? What about expanding your services to a new country? Our team can help!

  • Provide best practices consultation and guidance on how to add a new brand or expand geographically.
  • Provide guidance on adding a new Channel (e.g., SLAs, workflow setup, etc.)
  • Expand your IVR or implement Data Dips.

Let our Services team help with your company's growth and expansion efforts.

Best Practices

There are many opportunities to maximize using Gladly to provide radically personal service. Let our team help and guide you on how to apply best practices across many different areas of your CX services. Our team can help you by doing deep dives into your reporting, creating Rules best, implementing People Match, designing a great IVR, utilizing Proactive Chat to increase sales, and more.

Custom Training

The Help Docs and Gladly Academy is designed to reduce time to value and help your team learn how to use Gladly so you can utilize its features and focus on making your Customers happy. But if your team requires additional training or customized training specific to your implementation, our Services team can help by creating and leading a custom training program. This incorporates your choice of training topics, like Insight Builder, Rules, People Match, and other Gladly features.

Gladly Usage Audit

Have our team take a close look at your existing configurations — especially if you have made many changes since implementing Gladly — to ensure you're continuing to maximize the efficiency benefits of Gladly. We can also ensure that there are no settings or configurations causing system and workflow inefficiencies and help "tune up" your settings and configurations.

Contact Gladly Support or your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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