Schedule Reports
  • 29 Apr 2021
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Schedule Reports

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Gladly allows you to schedule ongoing reports to receive in your Inbox on a certain cadence.

For a list of all reports and documentation, visit here.

This will allow you to gain full visibility and control of how your business is performing.

At the end of the implementation, your Gladly implementation team will ask if you'd like to receive the following starter pack via email every week:

  • Inbound contacts (with Customers Helped)
  • AWT by channel
  • FCR by channel and by agent
  • Active conversation handle time by channel and by agent
  • Channel mix
  • Quick actions (if Sidekick self-service is turned on)


Estimated Effort

1 - 2 hours to familiarize basic reports

Step-by-Step Tutorial & Best Practices

  1. Confirm with your implementation team if you'd like to receive the default package of scheduled reports.
  2. Refer to the Reports UI in Gladly and schedule any other reports you'd like to receive!

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