Set Up Email
  • 03 Jan 2022
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Set Up Email

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Email entry points allow Agents to receive emails in Gladly from Customers. They'll also be able to reply to Customers from within Gladly using the email addresses you configure as your email entry points.

A friendly name is a name instead of your email address, which shows as the sender in an email message. You will want to come up with a friendly name for each of your email entry points.


  • Set up email entry points in Gladly to have emails flowing into Gladly
  • Set up email entry points to allow Agents to send outbound replies to Customers

Estimated Effort

15 minutes

Step-by-Step Tutorial & Best Practices

Domains and email address Entry Points are configured through the platform.

  1. See Add Email Domain and learn how to add domains.
  2. Once a domain(s) is added, see Add Email Address to learn how to add email addresses.
  3. On the day of launch, don't forget to forward emails so that Gladly can receive the emails.

Optional: Create a Contact Us Form Using an External Provider

In addition to setting up email entry points, you may also wish to create a Contact Us form on Gladly. Gladly does not have out-of-the-box Contact Us forms, but setting one up using an external provider and allowing agents to respond to submissions is easy! 

On a high-level, you'll need to: 

  1. Collect the customer's email address in the Contact Us form submission
  2. Send the submission as an email to an entry point on Gladly (e.g.,
  3. Set the reply-to header of the email sent in #2 to the email set in #1 
  4. Note that emails will only appear in Gladly once you have implemented email forwarding to Gladly 

Let's check out below how to set up a Contact Us form to send submissions to Gladly via email using a common provider, Formstack. You may use any form provider of choice, so long as the form provider can adhere to steps #1 - #3 above! 

Signing up for an account

We highly recommend perusing the Formstack pricing plans to select the right tier for you and ensuring you can save customer Submissions properly. 

Configuring your form

  1. Login to Formstack, and click on the Forms button on the upper toolbar
  2. Create a new form, and make sure you click on "Build" to be in Build mode:
  3. You'll want to collect at least one vital piece of data: the customer's email address. Click on "Email Address" then drag it to the right-hand side form builder:
  4. Click on the "Email" element in the form builder and check the "Required" box, then configure any additional information you'd like (e.g.: a placeholder, a label)
  5. Click on Save Field
  6. Repeat the above for other things you'd like to collect. For example, you can collect more details about the customer's inquiry using a "Short Answer" field, or you can collect the customer's phone number using the "Phone Number" field 
  7. Next, go to the Settings tab
  8. Click on Emails & Actions
  9. Click on Add a Notification Email
  10. Set "Email From" to the Email collection field - this will set the email's reply-to header to the customer's email address collected in the form. Note that while Formstack validates that the email address is well-formatted, you should be aware that customers occasionally typo their email addresses! If agents find they cannot reply to a customer's email, they may need to double-check submission spelling
  11. Set "Email To" to an email entrypoint you've configured on Gladly 
  12. Set the "Subject" to a subject 
  13. Click on "Save Notification Email" on the upper right-hand corner
  14. If you wish to customize the submission message, you may click on Settings and then navigate to Welcome & Submission Message to do so 
Auto-populating Customer Profile fields
Please note that Gladly can only auto-populate the email address (not the phone number or other details) from your form submission. Additional details, though, may be pulled from your Customer Profile integration if you have any integrations set up.

Embedding your form on your website

  1. Click on the Share tab on your form
  2. Click on "Quick Start"
  3. Copy the JavaScript embed code, and then add it to a static page you've created on your website to host the Contact Us form 

Testing your form

Set up email forwarding
You must first set up email forwarding in order to see submissions make their way into Gladly! Otherwise, your submission will stay in your email inbox, but not get forwarded into Gladly. 
  1. Navigate to the static page you've created on your website to host the Contact Us form
  2. Enter a submission
  3. Login to Gladly and wait a few minutes
  4. Your submission will appear as an email communication in Gladly in whichever inbox you've configured via Channels + Rules settings 
  5. Note that emails will display via plain text and all images / attachments collected will appear as attachments 

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