Customer Directory Access
  • 23 Aug 2022
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Customer Directory Access

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The Customer Directory is a database containing contact information of Gladly customers who have opted-in to share their information so other Gladly customers can reach out to them to discuss CX in Gladly. While this is an excellent opportunity to network with industry peers, it's primarily a place to share learnings and best practices on all things CX and Gladly.

You have choices on how to participate in the Customer Directory:

As a contact (mentor)

You can request your contact information added to the Customer Directory as a contact/mentor. This means you are permitting other Gladly Customers to reach out to you for advice, best practices, and other CX-related questions, especially as it relates to Gladly.

As a learner (mentee)

You can request access to the Customer Directory to find the best contact on the directory that you feel can best help answer your CX questions.

Both (mentor and mentee)

Request to have your information added as a contact/mentor that other Gladly Customers can reach out to as a mentee, plus gain access to the Customer Directory.

Get access to the Customer Directory

Complete this form to request to be added or request access to the Customer Directory. A Gladly representative reviews every request to ensure the security of everyone in the directory.

Best Practices


  • Thank a possible mentee for reaching out. They are reaching out because they believe you are a credible expert in CX.
  • Be mindful of your time and the mentee, but try and work out how to best interact with each other.
  • Be courteous. 
  • Ask thought-provoking questions once you know what your mentee is trying to learn. This can help them think more broadly and learn more from you.


  • Introduce yourself including your name, company, and title when reaching out to a contact on the directory and why. Let them know you found their contact information through the Gladly Customer Directory.
  • Try to have a topic(s) ahead of time and ask pointed questions to help a mentor quickly answer questions you have. Send your inquiries ahead of time so your mentor has time to think and collect information to share with you.
  • Be courteous and mindful of the mentor's time. 

And of course, don't forget to have fun! The ability to share and gain knowledge is a gift everyone in the CX industry appreciates.

Remove your contact information from the Customer Directory

If you'd like to remove your contact information from the Customer Directory as a mentor, please select Remove my contact information from the directory from the form and submit your information.

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