Why Use Facebook Messenger
  • 03 Aug 2021
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Why Use Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is one of the world's most popular messaging platforms, with over a billion messages sent per month. Gladly makes it easy for you to tap into this popular social platform to continue to meet your Customers in their preferred communication Channel.

Benefits of using Facebook Messenger

  • Meet Customers on their preferred platforms – Customers can contact your company right from your company's Facebook page. You can also communicate with your Customers through Facebook Messenger right from Gladly.

Facebook Messenger specific settings

Found in Facebook's page settings for messaging, your company can access Facebook Messenger's additional configuration options:

  • Greeting – Sends a response the first time a consumer opens a conversation with your brand on messenger.
  • Response assistant – Allows you to send custom instant replies to anyone who messages your page.
  • Response time – Displays SLAs you can customize yourself. (e.g., Typically replies within 5 minutes.)
  • Offline response –  Let Customers know you are offline but will respond soon. (e.g., We’re away right now, but we’ll get back to you shortly.)

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