What is WISMO (Where Is My Order)?
  • 12 Oct 2022
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What is WISMO (Where Is My Order)?

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Note - Self-Service Threads use case limitation
Self-Service Threads currently supports the Order Information (“Where is my order” - WISMO) use case that allows Customers to view their order information in Sidekick without speaking to an Agent. To create a Self-Service Thread for a WISMO use case, you must meet the following qualifications:
  • Using Sidekick for chat or plan to implement chat.
  • Have Shopify, Big Commerce, or Magento connected to Gladly or a different OMS and have built a Lookup Adapter to display order details in Gladly.
Note - Threads is currently available for chat only
At this time, Self-Service Threads can only be created for automated Sidekick chat interactions.

WISMO is the acronym for “Where is my order.”

WISMO (Where is my order) is a specific use case for Self-Service Threads, where a Thread is created and used to automate interactions for Customers wanting to check their order status over chat. When the Thread is triggered through a Quick Reply button, it displays a Customer’s order details and status. If they are not satisfied with the status provided, they have the option to continue and chat with an Agent.

While it’s typically quick and easy for Agents to answer the “where is my order” question, it’s the volume that sometimes inundates even the most experienced and well-staffed Support teams. This is where Self-Service Threads can help offload self-serviceable questions from your team.

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