Text Auto Suggest
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Text Auto Suggest

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When you accept a message (SMS, chat, social messaging) routed to you, Gladly will automatically suggest your most frequently used greeting in the Composition Screen for the first inbound message. The suggested text will appear gray but pressing the tab key accepts the suggestion. This can save you time by eliminating repetitive activities when replying to messages.

Accept suggested text

Press the tab key to accept the suggested text and the suggested text changes from gray to black.

Delete accepted suggestion

If you accepted a suggestion but decide to not keep it, highlight the text and delete it.

Ignore suggested text

Just start typing to ignore the suggested text, and it immediately goes away.

Note - Additional details to note about Text Auto Suggest 
  • Available for messaging Channels only (chat, SMS, social messaging).
  • Frequently used greetings are tracked on a per Agent basis and based on an Agent's writing style.
  • Clearing browser cache or switching computers will erase Text Auto Suggest memory. A greeting would need to be used at least five times before Gladly learns to start suggesting the text.

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