Sidekick Contact Points
  • 18 May 2021
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Sidekick Contact Points

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The Sidekick Contact Points report can help you understand which of your websites/app pages where Sidekick exists is creating the most incoming inquiries into your Customer Service Center.

Key Concepts and Definitions

These are concepts and definitions you should be aware of to understand this report:

  • Sidekick is an embeddable website widget that can be used to display Answers, and allows you to display certain inbound Contact request like Chat, and Email.
  • Contacts are phone calls, messaging sessions, emails, or voicemails. Contact can be defined as an Inbound (started by the customer) or Outbound (started by the agent) activity. Contact may contain one call or multiple messages (individual chat messages, SMSs, etc.).

Understand the Basics

When to use the Sidekick Contact Points report

Use the Sidekick Contact Points report if you have questions around:

  • Which of our websites/app pages where Sidekick exists is generating the most incoming requests from Customers?
  • How do I know which websites/app pages to focus on to ensure Customers can reach us?
  • How many incoming requests are we receiving over time from websites/app pages where Sidekick exists?

How often to view the report

Review this report monthly to gain valuable and actionable insights.

Take Action

Once you understand the report, you can take action and make improvements.

High Volume of Incoming Requests

After identifying which websites/app pages where Sidekick exists is generating the most incoming requests, you can think through the following points:

  • Do you want to reduce the number of incoming Contacts in websites/app pages where Sidekick exists? If so, look into surfacing more self-service options to your Customers. Think of using Answers to display your FAQs first before exposing your help form.
    • Think about optimizing the flow where Customers end up asking the most questions and requesting help. For example, if you notice your Customers are getting stuck around your checkout process, try to understand what they are asking the most around this process. You can then work on surfacing those FAQs during the checkout process. Make sure you think about this strategy on a global perspective where your Customers interact or see Sidekick across your website.
    • Is Sidekick the preferred method for incoming requests? If not, think about strategically placing Sidekick only in your most important web pages.
      • If Sidekick is the preferred method for incoming requests, take advantage of public Answers to expose your FAQs first. You should also strategically place Sidekick across your website/app pages. Just remember that this could increase the volume of incoming requests your team might receive.

Good to Know

  • This report can also be generated via API. See our Developer Docs for more details.
  • CSV download of this report is limited to 100k rows.
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