Flip Overview
  • 16 Sep 2022
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Flip Overview

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Flip (formerly RedRoute) is leading a new age of service with breakthrough automation technology and voice AI that enables organizations to deliver great experiences affordably. Flip takes 30 minutes to implement and produces immediate results, with Customers on average automating 50% of all support calls on day one. Leading brands of all sizes, across industries, and around the globe use Flip today.

Flip makes it possible for your brand to thrive over the phone, keeping agent costs low while still preserving high Customer satisfaction.


Partnering Flip with Gladly makes it possible for your brand to resolve more phone calls, reducing the call volume going to Agents, and lowering your overall support costs.

Expand Support Coverage

Improve support during off-hours or handle unexpected spikes in calls with Flip by automatically resolving simple requests or smoothly passing more complex situations to Agents.

Give Agents Insight

Agents have access to all interactions between Flip and end Customers. Flip calls are seamlessly reflected within the Conversation Timeline in Gladly, so Agents have full context.

Reduce the back and forth necessary to help Customers, with access to written transcriptions of voicemails directly within the Task in Gladly.

Team Manager view of Flip Tasks


Supported Features

Flip supports the following features with Gladly:

  • Channels – voice

Works with Gladly:

  • Customer Profile
  • Conversation Timeline
  • Inbox
  • Tasks

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