Create and Respond to Twitter Direct Messages
  • 11 Jul 2022
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Create and Respond to Twitter Direct Messages

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Twitter Direct Messages allow Customers to contact you through Twitter and handle the Conversation directly in Gladly. 

Tip - Click 'Next' to receive more messaging Customers
The number of messaging Customers (e.g., SMS, chat, Instagram Messaging, etc.) you're automatically routed depends on the standard messaging capacity your Administrator has set. You must then click Next to receive more messaging Customers beyond the standard capacity until the maximum number of messaging Customers is met.

How Twitter Direct Messages come into Gladly

Tweets remain outside of Gladly unless the tweet is converted to a private message using the Twitter Direct Message link. When a Customer clicks on the Direct Message link, the Twitter Message can then be handled directly in Gladly. Social listeners/managers who convert tweets into a Conversation in Gladly will need to know the Twitter account ID to create a direct message link. An Administrator can provide this information.

Create a Direct Message link

A Direct Message link must be created in order to convert a Twitter Direct Message into a Conversation in Gladly.

  1. The Twitter user ID is found on the Twitter Direct Messages settings page. Contact your Gladly Administrator to get the Twitter ID.
  2. Reply to the tweet with your message using the following code:{your account's numeric user ID}.
  3. The Send a private message link will appear in the post. The Customer can click on the link, and it will start a private Twitter Direct Message in Gladly. The next available Agent in the Inbox assigned to receive Twitter Direct Messages will be offered the request.

Accept and reply to a Twitter Direct Message

  1. You'll be taken directly to their Customer Profile after accepting an incoming Twitter Direct Message where you'll find the Tweet Composition screen pulled up, ready for you to start your response. You can also view the original tweet by clicking on the tweet hyperlink. 
  2. When you're happy with your response, click the Send button to send it off to the Customer. You can stay on the Customer Profile and wait for them to reply or navigate away to handle other Customer requests in the meantime. When the Customer replies, click Reply to respond to the Customer.
Note - Agent replies on multiple company Twitter accounts
Replies from Agents will always go to the most recent Twitter handle the Customer sent the message to. For example, if @Customer-Kyle messages into the @companytwitterA Twitter account but also messages into the @companttwitterB Twitter account, any reply that the Agent sends will go to the @companttwitterB Twitter handle.

Send a Twitter Direct Message to a Customer

Twitter Direct Messages not only allows your Customer to contact you, but you can also message them directly through their Twitter account. 

Tip - Sending a Twitter Direct Message
You can only start a Twitter Direct Message with a Customer if their Twitter username is on their Customer Profile's contact detail. A Customer must contact you first through the Direct Link before you can save their Twitter username.
  1. From the Customer Profile, click the Gladly + icon, then click Tweet.
  2. Enter your tweet message, then click Send. The message will appear in the Conversation Timeline. When the Customer responds, you will see a green notification banner. Just select Reply to reply to the Customer. 

  • If using Answers to send a reply back to a Customer, replies with a hyperlink will not appear like a hyperlink in the Conversation, but Twitter will translate it back to a link

End a Twitter messaging session

A Twitter messaging session ends if:

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