How to contact Gladly Support
  • 26 Oct 2020
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How to contact Gladly Support

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Can't find the answer to your questions on our product documentation website? No problem! Just contact our Support Team for additional help.

Who can contact Gladly Support

If you have an Administrator or Team Manager role in Gladly, you'll see the options to contact Gladly Support on the Help page. 

If you are not an Administrator or Team Manager, please, search first to see if you can find the answer to your issue or questions. If not, work with your Manager if an issue needs to be reported to our team. 

How to access the support form

You must be logged into your Gladly account to contact our Support Team. Click on the avatar menu on the top right corner of Gladly, then click Help.

From the Product Documentation and Support page, you'll have another chance to search our product documentation and see other FAQs.

To ensure your question is routed to the proper Gladly Support Agent, please review the available support forms and select the best option that matches your needs.

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