Collaborate and Comment on a Task
  • 14 Sep 2022
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Collaborate and Comment on a Task

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In certain situations, it may require multiple people to discuss a Task at hand for a particular Customer. Without having those discussions across multiple Channels or threads, you can have them within a Task itself using Task comments — and keep all that relevant context and information in one place.

Task collaboration and commenting occur in the Task Pane, which opens up on the right side of your screen. 

Collaborate, comment, and mention others on a Task

Work together as a team to complete a Task. Mention other users by typing @<name> and selecting the user's name(s) on the list that appears. Users mentioned in a Task can collaborate on the Task by leaving comments.

  1. Open the Task Pane by clicking on the Task from the Conversation Timeline or the Customer Tasks card.
  2. Type your comment into the field titled Comment on this Task.
    • Invite others to collaborate or notify them of the Task by typing @<name> and selecting the user's name(s) on the list that appears.
  3. When you’re happy with your comment, press Enter, and your comment will be added to the comment stream. You can continue to talk to other Task collaborators using this feature.

Users following and mentioned in the Tasks are notified via their Notifications Center and a Growl notification. Collaborators can continue the Task communications in the Task thread and mention other users as needed.

Format Task comments

Apply rich text format in Task comments by clicking Aa before commenting on a Task. You can bold, italicize, and even use bullets and numbered lists to enhance your Task comment text.

Insert emojis by clicking the emoji icon.

Because other interactions could cause the Task to appear higher in the Conversation Timeline, click View in Timeline to view the Task in the Conversation Timeline.

Mentioned in a Task

You may get mentioned in Tasks that require your assistance or need to be aware of. 

Tip - Use your best judgment to determine when to collaborate on a Task
Getting mentioned on a Task doesn't necessarily mean you stop what you're doing to review the Task. While you may get notified to indicate importance or urgency, use your best judgment on what to review or collaborate on the Task. You'll see recent notifications and mentions in the Notifications Center if you choose to review the Task later.

There are two ways you get notified when you are mentioned in a Task. First, you'll see a Growl notification that says <Agent Name> mentioned you in a Task appear on the top right corner of Gladly.

Click Go to Task to view it, or click X to ignore it.

The second notification appears in the Notifications Center. The red dot appears to signify there are new updates you haven't seen.

Upon opening the Task to collaborate, click the Comment on this Task field to enter your response. You can mention others by typing @<name> and selecting the user's name(s) on the list that appears to notify them.

Tip - You cannot mention yourself
You can't mention yourself as means to remind yourself of a Task or a Note. You can only mention colleagues and other active Gladly users.

Follow a Task

Follow a Task if you'd like to follow the progress of the Task. Otherwise, you have the option to unfollow Tasks as well. 

Gladly will automatically add you as a follower to a Task based on the scenarios below.

  • You created the Task – You automatically follow a Task when you create one, whether you assign it to yourself, an Inbox, or an individual.
  • Being assigned a Task – You automatically follow a Task that you’re assigned to, whether directly by a fellow Agent, Manager, or Supervisor or indirectly via the Inbox you’re in
  • Commented on a Task – Any time you comment on a Task, you automatically follow it.
  • Mentioned on a Task – You automatically follow Tasks you're mentioned in.

Manually follow a Task

Click on the kebab icon (three dots) in the upper right corner of the Task (in the Conversation Timeline) or the Task Pane. Click Follow Task. 

Unfollow a Task

If, after following a Task, it no longer makes sense for you to be notified about it, click Unfollow Task by clicking the kebab icon (three dots) in the upper right corner of the Task (in the Conversation Timeline) or the Task Pane. You'll no longer receive notifications about this Task.

Task notifications

Notifications for Tasks you own, are following, or have been mentioned appear in your Notifications Center. A notification is created whenever a Task is updated (i.e., a new comment is added, or the Task is edited, reassigned, closed, or reopened). 

Unfollow a Task to stop receiving notifications.

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