Implementation Kickoff
  • 07 Dec 2020
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Implementation Kickoff

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We’re excited to partner with you as you begin your journey towards redefining customer service using Gladly.

Your Gladly team will be with you every step of the way and is comprised of your:

  • Account Executive - your Gladly champion for strategic opportunities. They’ll be with you throughout your lifetime at Gladly.
  • Implementation Lead - your Gladly best practices, technical and configurations expert. They’ll be with you throughout your project implementation stage.

The Implementation Process

At the beginning of your implementation, your account executive will reach out to set up a formal kickoff. During this kickoff, each project and relationship stakeholder meet to discuss and confirm:

  • Your business objectives and goals - why you chose Gladly!
  • Implementation goals, and scope, as defined in the sales cycle
  • Implementation timeline and methodology
  • Implementation and launch steps

For Growth+ packages, your implementation team will also set up a weekly project meeting to ensure you are on track to hit your goals.

Implementation Tools

Our goal is to get you deployed efficiently, on-time, with high quality and satisfaction using Gladly best practices.

To achieve this, we use a variety of tools:

  • Asana - For up-to-date, granular project plans, Gantt charts, and project recaps. Your implementation team will give you access on day one
  • Sharepoint - Where we upload shared, leave-behind (e.g.: training guides)
  • Zoom - For meetings, screen shares, and presentations
  • Email - For notes, follow-ups, and action items
  • Gladly - Both Gladly and you will be actively working inside and configuring Gladly throughout the process! You will get access from day one
  • Dropbox - We'll grant you access to a Dropbox link for your organization to upload secrets (e.g.: API tokens) into
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