Toll-Free Number Registration Process
  • 12 Sep 2022
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Toll-Free Number Registration Process

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Effective October 1, 2022, Twilio will apply the following industry-wide thresholds for messaging sent over unverified Toll-Free numbers: 

  • Daily limit: 2,000 messages 
  • Weekly limit: 12,000 messages 
  • Monthly limit: 25,000 messages

If you breach the SMS limits outlined above or if you send SMSs to Canada, you must register for the 10DLC Registration form. This may take ~four weeks to complete as it is at the behest of the carriers.

Tip - Verified Toll-Free numbers
The limits mentioned on this page aren't applicable when a Toll-Free number has been submitted for verification and is ‘pending’ or already verified.

If you expect to send thousands of SMSs an hour, you may want to purchase additional Messaging Per Second segments so they do not get rate limited when sending out messages. Typically, one MPS segment is $10. The charge will appear as part of your Gladly telephony charges but won't be broken into an individual line item. To purchase additional MPS, contact Gladly Support and provide which numbers you'd like to apply additional MPS to. Gladly Support will then initiate a request with Twilio for MPS.

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