WISMO (Where Is My Order) Thread Best Practices
  • 14 Oct 2022
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WISMO (Where Is My Order) Thread Best Practices

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Self-Service Threads is a powerful way to help Customers self-serve and find the information they want quickly without interacting with an Agent.

Plan Quick Reply buttons before implementing Threads

Threads require you to change how Customers reply on Sidekick from Type a Message to Select a Quick Reply Button when attempting to chat with an Agent.

Instead of Customers typing what they need before they’re routed to an Agent, they must choose from a selection of Quick Reply buttons instead. This means:

  • You should have Quick Reply buttons that are relevant to most Customer questions.
  • Have a button for everything else — a button not specific to a question or scenario — that routes the Customer to an Agent.

Review other buttons you want to create and customize aside from the “Order Status” button Thread (i.e., have a custom greeting based on button selection) or how you want to route Customers to a team-specific Inbox instead of the default Inbox for chats. See Start Here Before Configuring a WISMO Thread for additional details.

Track performance

Use the Self-Service Threads report to see how effective your Thread is. Specifically referring to the “Where is my order” Thread, use the report to track how often your Customers are able self-serve.

Pay-per-use feature

Remember that it’s free to set up Threads and you only pay a Resolution fee for each successful self-service interaction. So if a Customer checks the status of their order through a Thread and ends the interaction there without continuing on to chat with an Agent, that’s considered a Resolution. If they decide to continue and chat with an Agent, then there is no fee, even if the reason is unrelated to an order.

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