What is Self-Service Threads?
  • 12 Oct 2022
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What is Self-Service Threads?

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Note - Self-Service Threads use case limitation
Self-Service Threads currently supports the Order Information (“Where is my order” - WISMO) use case that allows Customers to view their order information in Sidekick without speaking to an Agent. To create a Self-Service Thread for a WISMO use case, you must meet the following qualifications:
  • Using Sidekick for chat or plan to implement chat.
  • Have Shopify, Big Commerce, or Magento connected to Gladly or a different OMS and have built a Lookup Adapter to display order details in Gladly.
Note - Threads is currently available for chat only
At this time, Self-Service Threads can only be created for automated Sidekick chat interactions.

Self-Service Threads lets you create different kinds of automation to handle the most common Customer queries, surfacing rich Customer data from Gladly and other core applications, so you don’t sacrifice personalization for efficiency. Each Thread you configure meets Customers wherever they are — in Channels they prefer — and lets them interact with your company in new ways that leave a lasting impression. And it all starts with people, not an order number, case number, or ticket number.

self-service thread overview

Need automation? Create a Thread

Create a Thread to build different kinds of automated interactions across different Channels to help Customers self-serve or surface pertinent information they seek without requiring them to speak to an Agent.

Start with People, not an order number

Center everything on the Customer instead of an order or ticket number. Access your Customer’s information by asking for their email address or phone number — not their order number or ticket number.

Unlock rich Customer data from Gladly and other apps 

Gladly verifies Customer identity by authenticating them and unlocking information you already have about them in their Customer Profile (e.g., lifetime value, order history, CSAT feedback, preferences) and from other apps (OMS, marketing apps, etc.).

Part of a lifelong conversation

Self-Service Threads are part of your brand’s lifelong conversation with a Customer. Agents have all the context they need in the Conversation Timeline to pick up where a personalized automated interaction left off without missing a beat. All that without asking Customers to repeat themselves or start over. Customers feel known because they are.

Simple to set up and maintain

Author a self-service experience (Thread) in Gladly — no technical or coding knowledge required.

Benefits of using Self-Service Threads

Giving your Customers the power to self-serve comes with a host of benefits, not limited to:

  • Increasing team efficiency by reducing the volume of incoming requests your Agents handle. This also allows your Agents to focus on high-touch and more complex issues.
  • Reducing your Contacts Per Order by reducing the overall number of inquiries to your team.
  • Increasing Customer satisfaction by helping them save time for questions so they can quickly find the answer themselves.
  • Having one less third-party vendor to manage because Self-Service Threads is built into Gladly. Plus, you can easily set it up yourself.
    • Note – Tools like Netomi and Thankful, which also automate interactions and responses, will continue to work in Gladly. We believe there is no “one size fits all” self-service solution, so look at Self-Service Threads as another tool in your Gladly toolbox and determine which tools work best based on your self-service needs and requirements.

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