TurnTo (Pixlee) Integration Toolkit
  • 16 Sep 2022
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TurnTo (Pixlee) Integration Toolkit

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Learn the basics of how the TurnTo integration works.

Who maintains the integration

The TurnTo integration is built and maintained by TurnTo.

Basic Scope

When a review is received in TurnTo, TurnTo will post the review to the Conversation Timeline provided there the email address is available.

If the review matches a certain set of triggers in TurnTo (e.g., a less than satisfactory review), TurnTo will post a task to a designated Inbox in Gladly for Agents to act upon. Upon receiving the Task, Agent can send a follow-up to the Customer via email or another Channel of choice.

How the integration Works

TurnTo uses the Gladly POST Create Item API to add a note to the Conversation Timeline upon receipt of a review.

If the review matches a set of criteria configured in TurnTo, TurnTo will use the Gladly POST Create Task API to add a Task to a select Inbox in Gladly.

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