Thankful Overview
  • 12 Jul 2022
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Thankful Overview

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Thankful transforms the post-sale Customer experience for the world’s top eCommerce companies. Working seamlessly with Gladly and eCommerce platforms, its AI Customer Service technology combines speed, empathy, and machine-learned expertise to resolve the most common Customer queries while increasing CSAT and reducing costs. Returns, exchanges, order tracking, missing packages, and 25 more complex actions are handled with such proficiency and success that end-users believe they’re interacting with a human.


Gladly connects Customers directly to Thankful’s AI chatbot to resolve inquiries from email, SMS, or chat with the Thankful integration. If the Customer needs additional help, Thankful will assign the Customer to an Agent in Gladly. With Thankful in place, Agents are freed from repetitive transactional tasks to invest in higher-value Customer interactions.

Increased Productivity

The Thankful AI Agent works alongside your team – resolving large volumes of Conversations, and letting your human Agents focus on more complex and high-touch Customer issues.

Seamless Transition

When Thankful determines that a human Agent is needed, it will seamlessly transfer the Customer to a human Agent. Thankful will update the Conversation with the interaction, allowing the human Agent to pick up where Thankful left off.

Supported Features

Thankful supports the following features with Gladly:

  • Emojis
  • Inline Images
  • Tags
  • Channels - Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter.

Works with Gladly:

  • Sidekick
  • Conversation Timeline
  • Custom attributes

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