Thankful Integration Toolkit
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Thankful Integration Toolkit

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Learn the basics of how this integration works.

Who maintains the integration

Thankful's integration with Gladly is built and maintained by Thankful.

Basic Scope

Gladly connects Customers directly to Thankful’s AI chatbot to resolve inquiries from email, SMS, or chat with the Thankful integration. If the Customer needs additional help, Thankful will hand the Customer to Gladly for an Agent. With Thankful in place, Agents are freed from repetitive transactional tasks to invest in higher-value Customer interactions.

Customer interactions with Thankful's bot are not available in Gladly and do not count as a Contact until Thankful hands over the Customer to Gladly. When handing over a Customer to Gladly, Thankful sends the Customer to an Inbox in Gladly configured in Thankful. The bot then calls the Messaging Automation API to create Notes in Gladly which shows the interactions of the Customer with the bot to provide the Agent context on why they're handed over to an Agent. 

  • Note – Customer interaction with the bot is NOT DISPLAYED in the Gladly and will not count as a Contact until handoff.


Bot interaction with the Customer while in Thankful won’t be reportable in Conversations, Contact, or Work Sessions report as it is not a routable Contact in Gladly.

If either the Customer or Messaging Automation API has no activity on this bot session for five minutes, the session will auto-close and not be routed.

How it's integrated

Thankful listens for Message Automation and Message Received webhook events. When an event is received, Thankful will help resolve the Customers’ questions or issues. Conversations that need human intervention are handed back to Gladly to be reassigned to an Agent.

  • Message Automation webhook event supports the Chat Channel.
  • Message Received webhook event supports all other Channels.

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