Text Auto Complete
  • 08 Feb 2022
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Text Auto Complete

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Gladly predicts what you intend to say and suggests completing your sentence as you compose a message.

When composing an SMS text, for example, you may type something like:

  • "Hello! How" then followed with a text suggestion that shows, "can we help you?"
  • "What is" followed with a text suggestion that shows "your confirmation code?"

Gladly's AI engine looks into historical Conversations to intelligently suggest text as you type.

Note - Text Auto Complete feature availability 
  • Text Auto Complete is not available for Notes and Tasks.


The suggested text will appear in gray text as you compose your message. To accept the suggestion, press the tab key. The proposed text will complete your sentence. As you continue to write, you may see other suggestions you can choose to use or ignore.


Just keep typing to ignore any suggested text, and it will immediately go away.

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