Sidekick (Chat) Launch Checklist
  • 21 Jul 2022
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Sidekick (Chat) Launch Checklist

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Are you launching chat for the first time? If so, we collected a short checklist of items to review and configure to ensure you can handle your new chat volume as efficiently as possible.

Test chat

  • Use the chat checklist related to chat inbound/outbound to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • Make sure you visually test Sidekick post-deployment.
  • Check any Answers associated with Quick Actions for typos.

Check basic chat settings

  • Confirm which SLA to use: Inbox or Entry Point SLA. Unless SLA is configured in the Entry Points settings page for the chat, Inbox SLA is the default.
  • Review your Office Hours and Throttle Message setting in Sidekick. It should reflect the message you want to display to Customers when they click on the Chat button outside your normal office/business hours or when chat is unavailable.

Route to Agents

  • Ensure that your chat Entry Points are directed to the correct Inboxes on the Entry Points settings. Be sure to staff the Inboxes where you are directing your chats with Agents trained to receive chats. Also, make sure Agents know how to make themselves available for chat by toggling the messaging icon to active.
  • Review your Messaging settings and make any necessary updates. If this is an entirely new Channel to Agents, set the minimum concurrency to one or two; max five. If it is not a new Channel, set the minimum concurrency to three and max to seven to 10.

Manage volume

Monitor performance and plan for improvements

  • Use the Contact Summary report to know how many chats you were offered, handled, and fulfilled.
  • Use the Agent Summary Glance report to know how many chats Agents missed or declined to help them acclimate to the new Channel.
  • Revisit your Messaging settings when Agents start to acclimate to chat to adjust the number of concurrent chats they can handle.
  • Check out the Sidekick Search report to understand what Customers are searching for and what Public Answers you need to tweak, create, or remove. Use this information to update Quick Actions as questions your Customers most commonly ask evolve.

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