Set Your Status or Reason as 'Away'
  • 19 Apr 2022
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Set Your Status or Reason as 'Away'

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Whether it's for your lunch hour, a quick trip to the restroom, dinner (if you work at night), sometimes we need to take a break from Gladly. In those cases, set yourself as Away, and we'll take care of the rest.

Two things happen when you set yourself Away in Gladly:

  1. You will no longer be routed any incoming Conversations from Customers, and
  2. Suppose we find that a Conversation(s) in your Inbox is closest to hitting its SLA across all the Inboxes in the system. In that case, we'll reroute the Conversation(s) to the next available Agent so the Customer is helped as quickly as possible.

To set your status as 'Away'

Click your initials on the top right corner of the screen. Under the Away heading, click the status that reflects why you need to step away from helping Customers.

Upon selecting an Away status, you're put in an Away state with a timer that shows how long you were away.

  • The timer tracks how long you're away for starts as soon as you select an Away status or if you are automatically placed in an away state by going idle.

Return from being 'Away'

When you're ready to come back and help Customers, click I'm Backwhich will take you back into Gladly. Update your Channel availability to receive Customers to help

  • The reason you selected upon going away is shown on the drop-down list. 
  • If you were put in an Away state by going idle, it'd say Select an Away Status, where you'll need to select a reason before clicking I'm Back.
  • You can change the reason you went away from the list before clicking I'm Back. Use the search field in the list to quickly find other reasons, especially if your team has many reasons to choose from.

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