Self-Service Threads
  • 17 Oct 2022
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Self-Service Threads

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Use the Self-Service Threads report to see how Threads are performing against resolving Customer requests without needing to speak to an Agent.

How Data in the report is measured

The report is measured by the following:


  • Grouped by Threads

Time Anchor

  • Data is time anchored using time across different "buckets" or time granularities specified in the report filters.

Metrics used for the Self-Service Thread report

Click on the description to review the definition of each metric and how it's used to calculate data.

Thread StartedWhen the Customer clicked the Quick Reply button that is linked to a Thread.
Order Card ShownWhen the Customer has been successfully authenticated, and the order card is shown.Note that some Customers may start a Thread but don't have any recent orders.
Thread ResolvedWhen the Customer clicked the Quick Reply button that indicates a "resolution."In a Thread, an interaction is deemed as resolved and counts as a resolution if they indicate that their question has been answered without continuing on to speak to an Agent.
Thread RoutedWhen the Customer is routed to an Agent.Note that this could be due to Customer requesting more information to be connected to an Agent or due to internal errors that will automatically route to an Agent.
Resolution %Percentage of Threads resolved."Thread Resolved" count divided by the "Thread Started" count. Does not take into account if the order card was shown.

How the Self-Service Threads report is filtered

Use these filters to modify the data in your report. Using a combination of filters will also provide more targeted results. You can learn more about filters here.


  • Display Threads started and resolved on the specified date or date range.

How to use the Self-Service Threads report

The Agent Away Time report can provide multiple data points based on how you slice and dice the data. Below are a couple of examples:

ScenarioColumn Filters
How many interactions are Threads resolving without needing to speak to an Agent?
  • Select the desired date/range.

    Look at the Resolution % column to see the number of interactions resolved without an Agent on a particular date.
How many Threads were initiated?
  • Select the desired date/range.

    Look at the Thread Started column to see the number of Threads started.

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