ReturnLogic Integration Toolkit
  • 27 Apr 2022
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ReturnLogic Integration Toolkit

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Learn the basics of how the ReturnLogic integration works.

Who maintains the integration

The ReturnLogic integration is built and maintained by ReturnLogic.

Basic Scope

Agents can access Customer returns information inside of Gladly, embed a live chat to the returns center, and easily answer returns questions about sizing, recommendations, and other upsell opportunities.

This integration has two main functionalities:

  1. Performs a BASIC lookup that links a Gladly Customer to their ReturnLogic profile. 
    • This allows ReturnLogic to link an order to the correct Customer Profile in Gladly.
  2. Performs a DETAILED lookup that returns the Customer’s ReturnLogic RMA link as a custom attribute.
    • This allows ReturnLogic to display custom attributes in the Customer Profile.

How the integrations works

ReturnLogic’s connector supports two types of Customer lookups from within Gladly: AutoLinking and Manual Linking.

  • Auto Linking 
    • Automatically populates a Customer’s RMA link into their Gladly Profile.
    • An Agent will need to add the Customer’s email to the Customer's Profile, if it isn’t already there, for this to work.
    • AutoLinking needs to be activated on the ReturnLogic app configuration page in Gladly.
  • Manual Linking
    • Search for a Customer’s email in ReturnLogic and return the Customer’s RMA code if the hero chooses to link the profile.
    • An Agent clicks Link to External Profile on the Customer’s Profile to start a manual link.
    • Manual linking is available OOTB once the connector is set up (no additional settings need to be activated).

Lookup using Sidekick

ReturnLogic also integrates with Sidekicks. When a Customer enters their email address in Sidekick, Gladly will pre-populate their Customer Profile with their RMA link without additional manual lookup.

Agent Experience

Agents can view relevant RMAs for a Customer in ReturnLogic by clicking the RMA link in the Customer Profile. Clicking the link takes the Agent to ReturnLogic to view the RMA.

Agents can initiate returns via ReturnLogic.

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