Quick Reply Buttons
  • 15 Jul 2022
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Quick Reply Buttons

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Available in eLearning format in the Academy

Quick Reply is a Sidekick feature that allows Customers to click a button to make a selection instead of entering a string of text as a response. So instead of replying with a string of text to a question like "How can we help you?", your Customers are shown options presented as buttons that may have text like Returns, Product Question, Sales, or Support (it's up to you) to make a selection. And through Rules, People Match, or an automation partner like Thankful, it enhances how Gladly routes Customers so they're more likely to be routed to the Agent that can best help them.

In the image below, the Quick Reply buttons configured for Sidekick are Find a store, Find in store, Buy online, Curbside pick, and Something else.

Each Quick Reply button can be configured to respond intelligently to each selection. For example:

  • Clicking Find a store brings up a store locator page. 
  • Curbside pickup allows a Customer to notify a store that they have arrived and are ready for curbside pickup.
  • Something else means the Customer wants to talk to an Agent, which puts them in the queue to chat with an Agent.

The button labels are entirely customizable, and the button ID is used to help identify the buttons via API or automation partners.

The button's style (e.g., color, button border) follows the same styling as the Contact Us button configured on the Sidekick configuration page.

Quick Reply buttons are created through the Sidekick configuration page. Use Rules to automate routing Customers to a specific Inbox based on their button selection, and even use Answers to create customized responses.

Use our API if you plan on working with automation partners or apps like Thankful and Netomi. To add, Quick Reply buttons are available for use in the Mobile SDK experience.

Tip - Keep the number of buttons at a minimum
Think strategically as you decide what options to provide to Customers. We suggest having no more than five buttons to prevent crowding. Don't forget to set a button for general inquiries as well.

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