Proactive ‘Campaign,’ ‘Outreach,’ and ‘Recipients’ Definition
  • 04 Oct 2022
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Proactive ‘Campaign,’ ‘Outreach,’ and ‘Recipients’ Definition

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It’s helpful to recognize the difference between a Campaign, Outreach, and Recipients for Proactive Conversation features like Proactive Email, Proactive Chat, Proactive Email, and Proactive SMS.

Tip - Definitions
Proactive SMS, Email, Voice, and Chat follow the same general definition of what a Campaign, Outreach, and Recipient are.


A Campaign includes the meta details of your Proactive Chat/ SMS/Email/Voice Campaign. You create a Campaign to specify the reason why you want to communicate to Customers. You will always need to create a new Campaign whenever you want to proactively reach out to Customers.

For example, an SMS Campaign includes the following details:

  • Name – A name that identifies the reason for the Campaign.
  • Description – A short description or reason for the Campaign.
  • Phone Number –The number used to SMS Customers. Campaign replies are routed to the Inbox linked to the selected number.
    • This field shows Email Address for Email Campaigns and Phone Number for SMS Campaigns
  • Language – The language of the Messaging Answer you’d like to use.
  • Answer – Displays a list of Messaging Answers available in the language selected.
  • Campaign Schedule – The hours Gladly is allowed to send your communication to your recipients. Outreach beginning outside these hours will begin on the next sending hours window.

Proactive Chat Campaigns are slightly different because triggers are based on web pages, rather than a particular Channel.


When we reference outreach, we’re referring to the action the system is taking to contact your recipients via SMS, Email, or Voice. You can also track the status of a Campaign’s outreach under these statuses: Scheduled, In Progress, Completed, or Stopped.

For Proactive Chat, outreach is the action of a proactive chat message appearing on a specified page on your website attempting to interact with a Customer.


After completing the Campaign details, you’re required to upload a list of recipients (via CSV) you’d like to send your communication as part of the Campaign. The Recipients flow for each Campaign allows you to do that.

Proactive Chat Campaigns don’t require recipients as it reaches out to Customer via web pages.

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