General Payment FAQs
  • 07 Oct 2022
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General Payment FAQs

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How much does it cost?

  • Gladly charges $0.25 per successful payment over chat.

How are Agents in scope?

  • Agent workstations utilized for viewing secure forms are in-scope of PCI-DSS certification.

Can we work with any credit card processor for Payments over Gladly?

  • Yes. The credit card processor is integrated with your eCommerce System (e.g. Shopify) or Financial System (e.g. NetSuite).

Is Gladly doing the payment processing?

  • No. This is just a secure mechanism for displaying the credit card information to Agents so they can enter it into your payment processing system.

Can refunds or credits be issued to consumers through Gladly?

  • No. This is just a method to pass through credit card information securely.

Is this a required feature? Do I have to use it?

  • This is an optional feature. Contact Gladly if you are interested.

In the future could this be used for transferring other types of secure information such as Social Security numbers, etc?

  • Yes. If you have a need for this use case, please contact us.

What is the data destruction process?

  • AWS for AWS EC2, S3, or RDS instances are all encrypted by default and secure deletion is managed by AWS.
  • AWS backups for backups we have a service that logs every delete request then we delete the data from the request from our database.
  • AWS Hardware End-of-Life: AWS handles EOL of supporting hardware and secure deletion/memory management on the machines.
  • Workstations Employee workstations are full-disk encrypted as soon as they are distributed to employees. Decommissioned workstations are wiped and reformatted pursuant to Apple guidance for secure deletion."

Who can view the credit card information and for how long?

  • If there are other Agents viewing the chat, they will not be able to view the secure form. In addition, Agents who receive a transferred or re-assigned chat will not be able to view the secure form. Only the Agent who sent the form can access the submitted form.
  • The Agent who made the request is the only person allowed to view credit card values. They have a 30-minute window (max) before the tokens are deleted. 

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