Features and Capabilities Overview
  • 07 Apr 2022
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Features and Capabilities Overview

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Gladly is the first all-in-one Customer Service platform, which means you no longer have to work with a multitude of vendors to utilize advanced technologies to provide an excellent service experience for your Customers. You'll find all the features you need within the Gladly ecosystem.

Natively built-in Channel features

There is no need for separate and clunky integrations. Every communication Channel you need is already in Gladly.

  • Voice Voice is natively built into Gladly. No 3rd party integration is required.
  • IVR Alongside Voice, you have a fully customizable IVR.
  • Text/SMS Support Customers through their favorite on-the-go Channel.
  • Chat Chat with Customers on your website, even allow them to search your public FAQs through Sidekick.
  • Social Supporting popular social platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, and Instagram Messaging, you can always meet Customers on socials Channels they prefer.
  • Email – Manage all inbound and outbound email communications with no "ticket" or "case number" required.


Besides Channel capabilities, there's so much more Gladly can offer without requiring any 3rd party integration.

  • Answers – Empower your Agents and provide Customers with high-quality, consistent help information no matter the Channel they reach out from. Answers can also be used to power FAQs on your Help Center and Sidekick.
  • Agent Status – Help Agents keep track of their workday by allowing them to select a status that reflects what they are working on.
  • Contextual Callback – Even through voicemail, you have the opportunity to resolve Customer issues before you call them back.
  • Dedicated Hero – Give your high-touch, VIP Customers the personal, white-glove service that keeps them loyal for life by assigning them their very own Agent/team of Agents — or as we like to call them, Dedicated Heroes.
  • Insight Builder – Choose your own adventure by building reports to answer questions your business needs answered.
  • Knowledge Base – Leverage the power of self-service using Help Center where Customers and Agents alike can find FAQs.
  • Liveboards – See live updates on how your contact center is performing, what your Agents are doing, and the trending Topics your Customers are reaching out about.
  • Payments – Securely accept credit card information for payments through messaging Channels.
  • Proactive Chat – Engage with your website visitors with deliberate and strategic messages. 
  • Proactive Voice – Proactively call your Customers to provide timely and relevant updates without an Agent having to reach out to them one-by-one manually.
  • People Match – Intelligently route Customers based on their current situations, LTV, wait times, and more using People Match.
  • Sidekick – Allow Customers to view FAQs wherever they are on your website. If they need help, they can easily chat with an Agent.
  • Quick Reply – Give Customers specific options — by way of buttons — in Sidekick so they're routed to the right Agent, have the opportunity to self-service, or even give you the opportunity to create automated workflows.

Integrated Apps

Gladly includes many built-in capabilities and is made even more capable with a long list of integration partners in our ecosystem.

See our list of integration partners for more information.

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