Created and Closed Tasks
  • 02 Jun 2021
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Created and Closed Tasks

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The Created and Closed Tasks report can help you understand the volume of Tasks your team is handling.

Key Concepts and Definitions

These are concepts and definitions you should be aware of to understand this report:

  • Tasks are work items that need to be accomplished on behalf of a customer, typically requiring a follow-up. A reminder, tagging a team member, or asking someone for help can be classified as a Task.

Understand the Basics

When to use the Created and Closed Tasks report

Use the Created and Closed Tasks report if you have questions around:

  • How many Tasks are created and closed?
  • Are we creating and closing more Tasks over time?
  • Do certain days have more Tasks closed or created?

How often to view the report

Review this report daily to gain valuable and actionable insights.

Take Action

Once you understand the report, you can take action and make improvements.

Created and Closed Tasks is Increasing

If you are seeing an increase in Tasks being created, it could mean that it’s taking more work to accomplish them. Keep in mind that Tasks take Agents away from working on inbound Customer requests.

  • If there is a higher than expected volume of Tasks you are seeing, look into why this is the case, and look for opportunities to reduce your Task volume.
  • Is there anything new that was introduced (e.g., system, team, product, feature, processes) that may cause the need to create and complete more Tasks?

Created and Closed Tasks is Decreasing/Low

If you see the Created and Closed Tasks decreasing, congratulations! To make sure that the overall Customer experience is not affected, look into the following:

  • Did your First Contact Resolution (FCR) increase, or did it stay the same?

Good to Know

  • This report can also be generated via API. See our Developer Docs for more details.
  • CSV download of this report is limited to 1 million rows.
  • Listed below are related reports we recommend you use alongside this report:
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