Create and Reply to Facebook Messages
  • 04 Feb 2022
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Create and Reply to Facebook Messages

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When an incoming Facebook message is routed to you, you're taken straight to the Customer's Profile, where you'll find their current Facebook message, along with any previous interactions they had with your company.

Tip - Click 'Next' to receive more messaging Customers
The number of messaging Customers (e.g., SMS, chat, Instagram Messaging, etc.) you're automatically routed depends on the standard messaging capacity your Administrator has set. You must then click Next to receive more messaging Customers beyond the standard capacity until the maximum number of messaging Customers is met.

Reply to a Facebook message

If your company has a Facebook Messenger account connected to Gladly, your Customers can directly send you a Facebook message from your company's Facebook account.

  1. You'll see a green Facebook message notification bar when a request comes in. Click anywhere along the reply bar. You'll see the Facebook Messenger Composer pop up, ready for you to start writing your response.
  2. Gladly automatically defaults to the last Channel a Customer reached out to you on. In this case, since they last reached out by Facebook Messenger, you'll notice the reply bar default to Reply via Facebook.
  3. Once you've completed your reply, click Send.
Watch Out - Time limit to respond to Facebook messages
  • New Facebook messages must be answered in seven days. If not, replies will return an error: "The seven-day response time window has been exceeded." If this happens, think about reaching out to the Customer through another Channel. Facebook controls the 7-day restriction.
  • Existing Facebook messaging sessions will automatically expire seven days from the Customer's last response if there are no additional customer communications. Facebook controls the seven-day expiration rule.


Photos and attachments sent by Customers through Facebook will appear in the Customer's Conversation Timeline.

Send a Facebook message to a Customer

Sometimes, you might want to reach out to a Customer through Facebook Messenger, even when they reached out to you through another Channel. You can initiate a Facebook Message without waiting for them to send one first in cases like this.

Tip - Sending a Facebook message
You can only start a Facebook message with a Customer if their Facebook username is on their Customer Profile's contact detail. A Customer must also contact you first before you can save their Facebook username to their Customer Profile.
  1. From the Customer's Profile, click on the Gladly + icon on the reply bar's far left. A dropdown list will appear.
  2. From the dropdown list, click Messenger. You'll see the Facebook Messenger Composer pop up, ready for you to start writing your response.
  3. Once you've completed your message, click Send.

Facebook messages sent from the Facebook Messenger app instead of Gladly

Replies sent to Customers directly from Facebook Messenger (outside of Gladly) won't appear in the Conversation Timeline, but you will see the Customer's incoming messages in Gladly.

End a Facebook messaging session

A Facebook messaging session ends if:

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