Conversation Status (New, Open, Waiting, Closed)
  • 14 Sep 2022
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Conversation Status (New, Open, Waiting, Closed)

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Administrator, Team Manager

Gladly organizes Customer Conversations into different views based on the status of the Conversation or Task. These statuses are:

  • New
  • Open 
  • Waiting 
  • Closed

As an Administrator or Team Manager, from your homepage, click on the status tab to see a list of Conversations or Tasks that carry that status. 


  • Conversations in an Inbox with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) but haven’t been assigned to an Agent. These Conversations will be routed as soon as an Agent becomes available to handle them.
  • The number of New Conversations is listed in the Team Inboxes section.


  • Customers who have reached out and are awaiting a response from an Agent. These are Conversations actively being worked on.
  • Conversations where the Customer is waiting for the Agent's reply.
  • Tasks that have been assigned to the Agent. Since Tasks are treated as separate items, it's possible to see a Task and Conversation in Open status for the same Customer.


  • Conversations marked as No Reply Needed and if it's the Customer that last replied keeps the Conversation in Waiting status.
  • Conversations waiting for the Customer's response.
  • Conversations that ended (e.g., ended chat) but haven't been closed. 


  • Conversations closed by clicking Close & Next.
  • Conversations closed by clicking Close.
  • Chat Conversations closed by clicking End & Close.

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