Q. How do I 'close' our phones?
  • 14 Apr 2022
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Q. How do I 'close' our phones?

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You can close your phones through the Temporary Split node. Use this node to close sections of your IVR to ensure your Customers know when you cannot answer their calls.

Note - Add a Temporary Split node
Click here to learn how to add a node.

For example, when a call enters your IVR,  your first node could be a Schedule node that checks your business hours. If the caller is calling outside of your regular business hours, the Next Node option in the Schedule node could point to your Temporary Split node. The Temporary Split node can then be configured to direct calls to a Message node with a recording about your regular business hours.

  1. Click the menu located on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Channels category, click Voice.
  4. Find the number you want to close. Under the IVR column, click the linked IVR to open the IVR in edit mode.
  5. Find the Temporary Split node you wish to edit, which looks like this:
  6. Under the Temporary Split section of the node, select the following information:
    • [A] Timezone - Choose which timezone the node should follow.
    • [B] IVR time closure - Select the duration you want to "close" the phone for (i.e., 30 minutes will close this section of the node for 30 minutes).
    • [C] Next Node - Select the node that contains your "closed" information. This node should contain the message you want your Customers to hear while your phone is "closed." 
  7. Click OK when you're done to save your changes. At this point, the Publish button will turn green, signaling that it detected a change that may need to be saved.
  8. Click Publish to confirm your changes.
  9. Upon clicking Publish, you'll be asked to enter a short description of the changes you made. Enter a note about "closing" the phone,  then click OK
  10. Find the Temporary Split node you updated. You'll know if the node is active (i.e., actively "closed") by looking at the node status. It will show On.

If you selected a preset time (e.g., 60 minutes), then the phones will automatically turn back "on" after 60 minutes have passed. If you chose "indefinitely," you'll need to manually turn the phone "on" by deleting the time period you created.

Turn the phones back on

You can turn your phone back "on" anytime, even before the configured "close time" in the node expires.

Watch Out - Don't change the Default Next Node option
There is no need to change the Default Next Node option if your only intent is to enable the phones. Doing so could undo a section of your IVR.
  1. From the Temporary Split node, under the Temporary Split section, click on the trash icon.
  2. This will update the Temporary Split node to show off, which means it's inactive.
  3. Click Publish to confirm your changes. 
  4. Enter a short description of the changes you made, then click OK.

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