Q. I can't log in. What should I do?
  • 10 Aug 2022
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Q. I can't log in. What should I do?

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There are a couple of possible reasons why you can't log into Gladly. See the scenarios below.

Make sure you have the correct login URL

Check with your Team Manager to confirm the correct way to log into Gladly.

  • If your company uses SSO, make sure to log into Gladly via your SSO provider (e.g., Okta).
  • If you log in directly, make sure you have the correct URL. Check with your manager to confirm the URL.
    • Note – DO NOT use https://us-1.gladly.com/user/login to log into Gladly because each organization has their its own unique login URL. Check with your manager to confirm the URL.

You're getting a 'try again later' error message

This error is typically caused by a bad network connection or an incorrect computer clock setting.

Try the following if you consistently get this error:

  1. Make sure your computer is able to communicate with the Gladly infrastructure. Run a network test.
    • If you continue to have issues and do not see any network issues, please report the issue to a manager to contact Gladly Support.
  2. If your network passes the diagnostic test, check your computer clock and ensure the time is set to update automatically. Select the OS you have below.

If it's your first time logging into Gladly

  1. The email invitation you received to join Gladly can only be used once. If you unsuccessfully completed your first enrollment, contact your Administrator or Team Manager to resend your invitation. Clear your cookies and cache before accepting the new invitation to ensure no prior session information interferes with your account creation.
  2. Are you unsure you've been invited to Gladly? Contact your Team Manager to check the status of your account. They can add you as a new user or resend your invitation
  3. Confirm the URL you are using to access Gladly. Ensure you are not logging into a Sandbox or training/test environment.

If you already have an account

If your account has already been created, you need to reset your password to access your account.

If you use SSO (Single Sign-On)

"Account does not exist" error

This happens when the email address you're using to log in via SSO doesn't match the email address configured in Gladly's User settings page. Contact your Team Manager to confirm that your email address in Gladly matches the email address used for SSO. If it doesn't match, Administrators will need to correct the email address in Gladly to match SSO.

"Not Able to Get to Gladly" error

This happens when the user account is not correctly configured for SSO. Please get in touch with your IT team to resolve this.

If you're still not able to access Gladly via SSO, contact your Manager.

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