Abandoned Calls
  • 02 Jun 2021
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Abandoned Calls

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The Abandoned Calls report can help you understand how often and why your Customers are abandoning their place in line when calling your company for assistance.

Metrics and Key Concepts

The Abandoned Calls report uses the following metrics and concepts to quantify the reported data.

DateTimestamp of when the Contact was ended
Abandoned Calls
Contacts Queued and Ended as Abandoned or Forwarded or Left Voicemail or Cancelled
Total Calls
Contacts Inbound and Ended
% of Total Calls
Contacts Queued and Ended as Abandoned or Forwarded or Left Voicemail or Cancelled divided by Contacts Inbound and Ended
TotalsIndicates the count across that column. Percentages are calculated from the totals

Understand the Basics

When to use the Abandoned Calls report

Use the Abandoned Calls report if you have questions around:

  • How often are our Customers abandoning their place in line when calling?
  • When are our Customers more likely to abandon their phone call?
  • Are our Customers abandoning a higher percent of phone calls over time?

How often to view the report

Review this report weekly to gain valuable and actionable insights.


The scenarios below are also classified as abandoned:

  • Calls are only classified as abandoned after the Customer has made a selection in the IVR but hangs up before reaching an Agent.
  • If a Customer leaves a voicemail while in the queue. It does not include voicemails left through an IVR.
  • Calls that are forwarded.
  • Unanswered outgoing calls are not considered as abandoned and are not included in the report.

Take Action

Once you understand the report, you can take action and make improvements.

High % of Abandoned Calls

If you see a trend or increase of calls being abandoned, as well as a high % of total calls being abandoned, it means that your Customers unable to reach you successfully. Here are some things you can do:

  • If the abandoned call rate is trending upwards, start by looking at your wait times and see if that has increased as well. It could mean that you are not properly staffed to accommodate the volume of incoming calls, especially on the hours or days where you see the most spike in abandoned calls.
  • Check to see if your overall Channel mix is growing. Are you only seeing an increase in incoming volume for phone calls, or are you seeing it across all of your communication Channels? It could mean you need to adjust your staffing model to ensure you have enough Agents to help Customers.
  • The chances of Customers abandoning their call is higher if you also have long wait times. If you consistently have long wait times, look at your Topics reports. Is there a surge of usage for a certain Topic that is contributing to the high volume of incoming calls?
  • Look into other opportunities to reduce wait time. You can give your Customer the option to leave a voicemail instead of waiting in line and call them back at a later time. You can also implement other self-service strategies like surfacing your FAQs closer to where your contact information is.

Low % of Abandoned Calls

  • If you notice a trend of low abandoned calls or see a decrease of abandoned calls, Hurray! You are definitely on the right path in providing excellent Customer Service!

Good to Know

  • This report can also be generated via API. See our Developer Docs for more details.
  • CSV download of this report is limited to 100k rows.
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