Understand Your Use Cases
  • 18 Apr 2022
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Understand Your Use Cases

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Gladly is a service platfrm that treats Customers like people, not tickets. It's how you can deliver radically personal service. You know your Customers and their needs, so the framework to build your Gladly integration centers around that relationship. The options for what you can make are as dynamic and unique as your product options and as customizeable as your brand voice.

This guide exists to facilitate that process. We're here to support what you need and offer a few helpful hints we've learned along the way.

Outline use cases

Begin with the end in mind to streamline your build. Use the five Ws and one H can help crystalize the process.

You already know what you need to do. Know who you build for helps crystalize the why and empowers the how.

As for where and when? Right here, right now.

Below are questions to help guide your creative process. Use as you best see fit!

  • What is the problem you will solve?
  • Who needs the problem solved, and who will solve the problem?
  • Why is this a priority?
  • How will we structure our team resources to build and maintain?
  • Where does this fit into our larger Customer experience?
  • When do we anticipate to release the integration?

Radically personalize service

This is the heart and soul of Gladly, and we know it is the heart and soul of what you do too. There is no one right way to build every integration. In the spirit of partnership, we have provided some guiding principles to map out your integration's interactions.

Relentlessly focus on the Customer

As you integrate the Customer perspective, imagine what this will look like in both sides of the UI. Even if you aren't point on the engineering team, try to outline the panels and attributes you'd like to see on the Gladly Customer Profile.

A few topics to consider are workflow initiation, integration surfaces, and accessibility. How can these best guide the flow of information?

Often, a streamlined answer is the simplest one for your user base. Simple is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Confidently empower Agents

With full knowledge, people make better decisions. When you provide a vehicle for authentic communication, you can help empower your Agents to provide radically personal service. We know your Agents have Customers' best interests at heart. How can your integration design help them demonstrate this?

Make it happen

Now's the fun part: put the plan into action and build it! You know the ins and out of your use cases, have the five W and one H framework down pat, and lead with relentless Customer focus and confident Agent empowerment.

As you start, we are here to support. Our documentation and guides can help you figure out which Gladly features you can use as you build your integration.

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