Code Samples
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Code Samples

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Gladly has a variety of different code samples to assist you in your development journey!

All code samples are located in the public gladly repository. Please keep in mind that code samples should not be used in a production environment!


The lookup-practice repository contains sample code to help you build a Lookup Adaptor, complete with Actions!


The rest-api-examples repository contains sample code for common uses cases that the Gladly REST API can help solve (e.g.: retrieving the latest data export file)


The webhook-examples repository contains sample code for common use cases on how to use Gladly Webhooks and Gladly REST API in conjunction to help solve common use cases (e.g.: CSAT survey)


The sidekick-examples repository contains sample code for common use cases for the Gladly Web SDK (e.g.: build your own icon)


The help-center-examples repository contains sample code for how to build your own Help Center using Gladly's APIs, Public Answers and Audience features.

Tip - You don't have to build your own Help Center!

Looking to just embed the default Gladly out-of-the-box Help Center and inherit your existing website's CSS? Just embed the Help Center code your website.

sidekick-ios-sdk and sidekick-android-sdk

The sidekick-ios-sdk and sidekick-android-sdk contain information about how to integrate the Gladly Sidekick SDK into your iOS and Android applications.

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